Gravitational torques dominate the dynamics of accreted gas at z > 2

  title={Gravitational torques dominate the dynamics of accreted gas at z > 2},
  author={Corentin Cadiou and Yohan Dubois and Christophe Pichon},
  journal={Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society},
Galaxies form from the accretion of cosmological infall of gas. In the high redshift Universe, most of this gas infall is expected to be dominated by cold filamentary flows which connect deep down inside haloes, and, hence, to the vicinity of galaxies. Such cold flows are important since they dominate the mass and angular momentum acquisition that can make up rotationally-supported disks at high-redshifts. We study the angular momentum acquisition of gas into galaxies, and in particular, the… 
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