Gravitational redshifting of galaxies in the SPIDERS cluster catalogue

  title={Gravitational redshifting of galaxies in the SPIDERS cluster catalogue},
  author={C. T. Mpetha and C. Collins and N. Clerc and A. Finoguenov and J. Peacock and J. Comparat and D. Schneider and R. Capasso and S. Damsted and K. Furnell and A. Merloni and N. Padilla and A. Saro},
Data from the SPectroscopic IDentification of ERosita Sources (SPIDERS) are searched for a detection of the gravitational redshifting of light from ∼ 20 000 galaxies in ∼ 2500 galaxy clusters using three definitions of the cluster centre: its Brightest Cluster Galaxy (BCG), the redMaPPer identified Central Galaxy (CG), or the peak of X-ray emission. Distributions of velocity offsets between galaxies and their host cluster’s centre, found using observed redshifts, are created. The quantity… Expand

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