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Gravitational Wave Propagation and Polarizations in the Teleparallel analog of Horndeski Gravity

  title={Gravitational Wave Propagation and Polarizations in the Teleparallel analog of Horndeski Gravity},
  author={Sebastian Bahamonde and Maura Caruana and Konstantinos F. Dialektopoulos and Viktor Gakis and Manuel Hohmann and Jackson Levi Said and Emmanuel N. Saridakis and Joseph Sultana},
Gravitational waves (GWs) have opened a new window on fundamental physics in a number of important ways. The next generation of GW detectors may reveal more information about the polarization structure of GWs. Additionally, there is growing interest in theories of gravity beyond GR. One such theory which remains viable within the context of recent measurements of the speed of propagation of GWs is the teleparallel analogue of Horndeski gravity. In this work, we explore the polarization… Expand
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