Gravitation And Cosmology

  title={Gravitation And Cosmology},
  author={Monika Richter},
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The debate on gravity theories to extend or modify general relativity is very active today because of the issues related to ultraviolet and infrared behavior of Einstein’s theory. In the first case,Expand
The graviton Compton mass as dark energy
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Non-comoving cosmology
One of the fundamental assumptions of the standard $\Lambda$CDM cosmology is that, on large scales, all the matter-energy components of the Universe share a common rest frame. This seems natural forExpand
Distortions of Robertson–Walker metric in perturbative cosmology and interpretation as dark matter and cosmological constant
In the last years, we saw more and more attempts to explain dark matter as a general relativistic effect, at least for some fraction. Following this philosophy, we considered the gravitationalExpand
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Effective energy density of relic gravitons
The energy density, the pressure and the anisotropic stress of the relic gravitons do not have a unique gauge-invariant and frame-invariant expression since the equivalence principle ultimatelyExpand
A Cosmological View on Milgrom’s Acceleration Constant
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Primordial backgrounds of relic gravitons
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Dark Energy: The Shadowy Reflection of Dark Matter?
The cosmological model with matter content in the form of a thermodynamically-involved DM fluid not only interprets the observational data associated with the recent history of Universe expansion, but also confronts successfully with every majorcosmological issue. Expand