Graviresponses of osteocytes under altered gravity

  title={Graviresponses of osteocytes under altered gravity},
  author={Shengmeng Di and Airong Qian and Li Nan Qu and Wei Zhang and Zhongren Wang and Chong Ding and Yong Hong Li and Hong Guo Ren and Peng Shang},
Abstract Single cell was capable of sensing and responding to alterations of gravity. Osteocytes, as the most abundant cells of the bone tissue playing an important role in the bone mechanotransduction, are very sensitive to mechanical stimuli. However, the effect of altered gravity on osteocytes so far is less known according to the public papers. Further study on this issue will help to verify and develop the theory of how cells perceive and respond to gravity. It also brings new ideas to the… CONTINUE READING