Grating axicon for collimating Cerenkov radiation waves.


An axicon optical element that utilizes a diffraction grating has been fabricated for collimating the Cerenkov radiation wave. The grating axicon has the advantage of a simple structure, which can easily be fabricated by the computerized numerical control machining technique. The collimation function of the grating axicon is confirmed for Cerenkov-type… (More)


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@article{Hatakoshi1990GratingAF, title={Grating axicon for collimating Cerenkov radiation waves.}, author={Genichi Hatakoshi and Miki Kawachi and K. Terashima and Y. Uematsu and Akiko Amano and Kayo Ueda}, journal={Optics letters}, year={1990}, volume={15 23}, pages={1336-8} }