Grasping the Arrow of Time from the Singularity: Decoding Micromotion in Low-dimensional Latent Spaces from StyleGAN

  title={Grasping the Arrow of Time from the Singularity: Decoding Micromotion in Low-dimensional Latent Spaces from StyleGAN},
  author={Qiucheng Wu and Yi-fan Jiang and Junru Wu and Kai Wang and Gong Zhang and Humphrey Shi and Zhangyang Wang and Shiyu Chang},
The disentanglement of StyleGAN latent space has paved the way for realistic and controllable image editing, but does StyleGAN know anything about temporal motion, as it was only trained on static images? To study the motion features in the latent space of StyleGAN, in this paper, we hypothesize and demonstrate that a series of meaningful, natural, and versatile small, local movements (referred to as “micromotion”, such as expression, head movement, and aging effect) can be represented in low… 

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