Graphviz - Open Source Graph Drawing Tools

  title={Graphviz - Open Source Graph Drawing Tools},
  author={J. Ellson and E. Gansner and E. Koutsofios and S. North and Gordon Woodhull},
  booktitle={Graph Drawing},
Graphviz is a heterogeneous collection of graph drawing tools containing batch layout programs (dot, neato, fdp, twopi); a platform for incremental layout (Dynagraph); customizable graph editors (dotty, Grappa); a server for including graphs in Web pages (WebDot); support for graphs as COM objects (Montage); utility programs useful in graph visualization; and libraries for attributed graphs. The software is available under an Open Source license. The article[1] provides a detailed description… Expand
GLDraw: A Platform for Graph Visualization
Graph visualization refers to the representation of a graph, available as data, in an understandable human manner, such as a diagram of an abstract graph. These diagrams aimed at providing betterExpand
Dynamic Drawing of Clustered Graphs
This paper presents an algorithm for drawing a sequence of graphs that contain an inherent grouping of their vertex set into clusters, and introduces several metrics for measuring layout quality of dynamic clustered graphs. Expand
Web-based drawing software for graphs in 3D and two layout algorithms
A new web-based software system for visualization and manipulation of graphs in 3D, named We3Graph is presented with a focus on accessibility, customizability for applications of graph drawing,Expand
A Quality Metric for Visualization of Clusters in Graphs
A clustering quality metric measuring how well a node-link drawing of a graph represents the clusters contained in the graph is defined and used to examine how well different graph drawing algorithms visualize cluster structures in various graphs. Expand
GRAPE - A Graph Rewriting and Persistence Engine
Grape (Graph Rewriting and Persistence Engine), a hybrid, embedded Domain Specific Language for Clojure is introduced, a lightweight approach to computing with persistent graphs within Clojure that combines the ease of use of a textual DSL with a graphical visualization that is inlined with the program code when needed to aid comprehension and documentation of graph rewriting rules. Expand
GraphVisual: Design and Evaluation of a Web-Based Visualization Tool for Teaching and Learning Graph Visualization
Graphs are ubiquitous in representing data from various fields, such as biological interactions, geographic knowledge, and engineering problems. They allow users to acquire a quick overview of howExpand
Spring Embedders and Force Directed Graph Drawing Algorithms
This survey considers several classical algorithms for calculating layouts of simple undirected graphs, starting from Tutte's 1963 barycentric method and including recent scalable multiscale methods for large and dynamic graphs. Expand
A dynamic graph-based visualization for spreadsheets
This paper aims to provide a visualization approach that can simplify understanding and debugging of spreadsheets based on compound fisheye views, the Markov Clustering (MCL) algorithm, and Treemaps. Expand
JGraphT—A Java Library for Graph Data Structures and Algorithms
The design and underlying structure of JGraphT, a programming library that contains very efficient and generic graph data structures along with a large collection of state-of-the-art algorithms, is described and discussed. Expand
Atlas: local graph exploration in a global context
Atat, an interactive graph exploration system that adapts scalable edge decomposition to enable a new paradigm for large graph exploration, generating explorable multi-layered representations, is presented. Expand


An open graph visualization system and its applications to software engineering
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