Graphs of Morphisms of Graphs

  title={Graphs of Morphisms of Graphs},
  author={Ronald Brown and Ifor Morris and John S. Shrimpton and Christopher D. Wensley},
  journal={Electron. J. Comb.},
This is an account for the combinatorially minded reader of various categories of directed and undirected graphs, and their analogies with the category of sets. As an application, the endomorphisms of a graph are in this context not only composable, giving a monoid structure, but also have a notion of adjacency, so that the set of endomorphisms is both a monoid and a graph. We extend Shrimpton's (unpublished) investigations on the morphism digraphs of reflexive digraphs to the undirected case… 

On the Concrete Categories of Graphs

Which Lawvere axioms for the category of Sets and Functions apply to each of these Categories of Graphs, as well as the other categorial constructions of free objects, projective objects, generators, and their categorial duals are investigated.

Incidence hypergraphs: The categorical inconsistency of set-systems and a characterization of quiver exponentials

This paper considers the difficulty in the set-system approach to generalizing graph theory. These difficulties arise categorically as the category of set-system hypergraphs is shown not to be

Simplification for Graph-like Objects.

This paper unifies different notions of simplification for graphs into a single universal construction on a comma category, given the familiar conditions of faithfulness, regularity, and existence of

Functorial Approach to Graph and Hypergraph Theory

We provide a new approach to categorical graph and hypergraph theory by using categorical syntax and semantics. For each monoid $M$ and action on a set $X$, there is an associated presheaf topos of

Symmetric Heyting relation algebras with applications to hypergraphs

  • J. Stell
  • Mathematics
    J. Log. Algebraic Methods Program.
  • 2015

Relations on Hypergraphs

The algebra of relation on a hypergraph is studied, in particular the analogues of the familiar operations of complement and converse of relations, which find that the Boolean algebra of relations is replaced by a weaker structure: a pair of isomorphic bi-Heyting algebras.

Automorphisms and Homotopies of Groupoids and Crossed Modules

The group structure of the automorphism group of a finite connected groupoid C is described as a quotient of a semidirect product and it is shown that the group of homotopies of $\mathcal{C}$ may be determined once thegroup of regular derivations of $C_u$ is known.

Edinburgh Research Explorer The Category of Matroids

The structure of the category of matroids and strong maps is investigated: it has coproducts and equalizers, but not products or coequalizers; there are functors from the categories of graphs and

Explorer The Category of Matroids

The structure of the category of matroids and strong maps is investigated: it has coproducts and equalizers, but not products or coequalizers; there are functors from the categories of graphs and

Sequentially Dense Essential Monomorphisms of Acts Over Semigroups

The three different definitions of essentiality usually used in literature with respect to a subclass ofmonomorphisms are equivalent for the class of sequentially dense monomorphisms and, among other things, give some criterion to characterize and describe them explicitly.



Some groups related to the symmetry of a directed graph

Algebraic structures on graphs

In this paper we consider directed graphs with algebraic structures: group-graphs, ringgraphs, involutorial graphs, affine graphs, graphs of morphisms between graphs, graphs of reduced paths of an

Higher order symmetry of graphs

  • Ronald Brown
  • Mathematics
    Irish Mathematical Society Bulletin
  • 1994
1 Symmetry in analogues of set theory This lecture gives background to and results of work of my student John Shrimpton [19, 20, 21]. It advertises the joining of two themes: groups and symmetry; and

Topology of finite graphs

This paper derives from a course in group theory which I gave at Berkeley in 1982. I wanted to prove the standard theorems on free groups, and discovered that, after a few preliminaries, the notion


In recent years the category-theoretical approach to graph theory has gained considerably in acceptance, mainly because of its most spectacular successes [41, 47, 481. It is our intention here to

Fibrations of graphs

Handbook of Categorical Algebra

The Handbook of Categorical Algebra is intended to give, in three volumes, a rather detailed account of what, ideally, everybody working in category theory should know, whatever the specific topic of

Groupoids in combinatorics -- applications of a theory of local symmetries

An objective of the theory of combinatorial groupoids is to introduce concepts like "holonomy", "parallel transport", "bundles", "combinatorial curvature" etc. in the context of simplicial

Sheaves in geometry and logic: a first introduction to topos theory

This text presents topos theory as it has developed from the study of sheaves. Sheaves arose in geometry as coefficients for cohomology and as descriptions of the functions appropriate to various

A Guided Tour in the Topos of Graphs

In this paper we survey the fundamental constructions of a presheaf topos in the case of the elementary topos of graphs. We prove that the transition graphs of nondeterministic automata (a.k.a.