Graphical methods for analysing feedback in biological networks - A survey


Observed phenotypes usually arise from complex networks of interacting cell components. Qualitative information about the structure of these networks is often available, while quantitative information may be partial or absent. It is natural then to ask what, if anything, we can learn about the behavior of the system solely from its qualitative structure. In this paper we review some techniques which can be applied to answer this question, focussing in particular on approaches involving graphical representations of model structure. By applying these techniques to various cellular network examples, we discuss their strengths and limitations, and point to future research directions.

DOI: 10.1080/00207720903151326

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@article{Radde2010GraphicalMF, title={Graphical methods for analysing feedback in biological networks - A survey}, author={Nicole Radde and Nadav S. Bar and Murad Banaji}, journal={Int. J. Systems Science}, year={2010}, volume={41}, pages={35-46} }