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Graphical Regular Logic

  title={Graphical Regular Logic},
  author={Brendan Fong and David I. Spivak},
  • Brendan Fong, David I. Spivak
  • Published 2018
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • ArXiv
  • Regular logic can be regarded as the internal language of regular categories, but the logic itself is generally not given a categorical treatment. In this paper, we understand the syntax and proof rules of regular logic in terms of the free regular category $\mathsf{FRg}(\mathrm{T})$ on a set $\mathrm{T}$. From this point of view, regular theories are certain monoidal 2-functors from a suitable 2-category of contexts---the 2-category of relations in $\mathsf{FRg}(\mathrm{T})$---to the 2… CONTINUE READING

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