Graphical-Based Modeling Simulation System of Small Current Grounding Fault Location


In order to narrow the scope of line maintenance inspection, locate the fault line of grid quickly, we put forward the concept of optimal distribution of line into segments, with the figure and the tree structure methods to represent and process the distribution information of line. By analyzing the ungrounded single-phase power grid failure mechanism, a systematic study of two kind's methods to the fault section location, the fault section calculation location method and inference rules determine method, and indicate the faulty section of the edge clearly. In this paper, we adopt object-oriented design patterns, study and design an integrated approach to power system graph model based on. NET technology. The system use C#.NET as the development tool and ADO. NET technology to access the database, designed and built the meta-data structure based on object-oriented. Based on the graphical modeling of power system, the system generates network topology automatically after the input of power parameters in the graphical interface, through the topology reconstruction and map mode mapping. Finally, we achieve topological analysis, steady-state analysis, failure analysis and output analysis and other functions.

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