Graphic presentation and analysis of inhibition data from ligand-binding experiments.


One technique for the characterization of receptor subtypes involves measuring the inhibition of the binding of a radioligand which is not subtype selective by agonists or antagonists which are subtype selective. Although such data are routinely calculated using computer programs, it is often useful to have a graphical representation of the data. Until now, a "modified Scatchard" or "Hofstee" plot of the form P = -(P/I)(IC50) + 1 (where P is percentage inhibition and I is the inhibitor concentration) has been used. We describe an alternate plot of the form B = -(B X I)(1/IC50) + B0 (where B is the concentration of bound radioligand and B0 is the concentration of radioligand bound in the absence of the inhibitor). This method has the important advantage that the data need not be calculated as percentage inhibition which eliminates the error involved in the experimentally determined B0 value being included in the other values.


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