Graphene transistors for RF applications: Opportunities and challenges

  title={Graphene transistors for RF applications: Opportunities and challenges},
  author={Jeong Seop Moon and Mike Antcliffe and H. C. Seo and S. C. Lin and Adele E. Schmitz and Ivan Milosavljevic and K. McCalla and Danny Wong and David Kurt Gaskill and P. M. Campbell and Kangmu Lee and Peter M. Asbeck},
  journal={2011 International Semiconductor Device Research Symposium (ISDRS)},
Graphene offers new opportunities for the optimization of high frequency FETs by virtue of high carrier velocity, excellent scaling properties, configurability as electron or hole channel devices, and limited scattering. The saturation velocity (vsat) of graphene has not been determined clearly yet, but it is estimated to be ∼5 times greater than that for Si MOSFETs [1]. With large on-state current density and transconductance per gate capacitance compared to Si, [2] graphene has the potential… CONTINUE READING

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