Graphene-like Two-Dimensional Ionic Boron with Double Dirac Cones at Ambient Condition.

  title={Graphene-like Two-Dimensional Ionic Boron with Double Dirac Cones at Ambient Condition.},
  author={Fengxian Ma and Yalong Jiao and Guoping Gao and Yuantong T. Gu and Ante Bili{\'c} and Zhongfang Chen and Aijun Du},
  journal={Nano letters},
  volume={16 5},
Recently, partially ionic boron (γ-B28) has been predicted and observed in pure boron, in bulk phase and controlled by pressure [ Nature 2009 , 457 , 863 ]. By using ab initio evolutionary structure search, we report the prediction of ionic boron at a reduced dimension and ambient pressure, namely, the two-dimensional (2D) ionic boron. This 2D boron structure consists of graphene-like plane and B2 atom pairs with the P6/mmm space group and six atoms in the unit cell and has lower energy than… CONTINUE READING


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Chem 2016, advance online publication, doi:10.1038/nchem.2491. TOC Page 14 of 14 ACS Paragon Plus Environment Nano Letters 1 2 3 4 5

B. Feng, J. Zhang, +7 authors K. Nat Wu

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