Graphene is on track to deliver on its promises

  title={Graphene is on track to deliver on its promises},
  author={Theodore Reiss and K. T. Hjelt and Andrea C. Ferrari},
  journal={Nature Nanotechnology},
  pages={907 - 910}
Fifteen years since the ground-breaking experiments on graphene, its commercial exploitation is progressing at the expected pace for a new material. 

A Statistical Approach to Raman Analysis of Graphene-Related Materials: Implications for Quality Control

A statistical method to determine the number of measurements required from nanomaterials to ensure reliable and robust analysis is described. Commercial products utilizing graphene are in their inf...

The Future of Carbon: An Update on Graphene’s Dermal, Inhalation, and Gene Toxicity

Recent studies on gene, inhalation and dermal toxicity of few-layer graphene have revealed much lower health risk than expected. This could pave the way for graphene as a young member of the

Controllable synthesis of graphene by CVD method

the selection and modification of catalytic the manipulation of

New Growth Frontier: Superclean Graphene.

This Perspective aims to provide comprehensive understanding of the intrinsic growth contamination and the experimental solution of making superclean graphene and to provide an outlook for future commercial production of high-quality CVD graphene films.

High-quality electrical transport using scalable CVD graphene

Producing and manipulating graphene on fab-compatible scale, while maintaining its remarkable carrier mobility, is key to finalize its technological application. We show that a large-scale approach

Graphene-based plasma-wave devices for terahertz applications

This paper reviews emerging ideas for further development of graphene plasmonic THz technology and comment on the prospects of graphene commercialization. Unique and extraordinary supreme properties

A Review on Graphene’s Light Stabilizing Effects for Reduced Photodegradation of Polymers

Graphene, the newest member of the carbon’s family, has proven its efficiency in improving polymers’ resistance against photodegradation, even at low loadings equal to 1 wt% or lower. This protective

High Mobility Epitaxial Graphene on Ge/Si(100) Substrates.

A comprehensive study of epitaxial graphene on technologically relevant and in a standard CMOS process achievable Ge( 100) epilayers grown on Si(100) substrates and the formation of a Ge(100)-(2×1) structure demonstrates the weak interaction and effective delamination of graphene from the Ge/Si(100).

Development and Up-Scaling of Electrochemical Production and Mild Thermal Reduction of Graphene Oxide

To reduce the global emissions of CO2, the aviation industry largely relies on new light weight materials, which require multifunctional coatings. Graphene and its derivatives are particularly



Graphene photonics and optoelectronics

Graphene has great potential in photonics and optoelectronics. I will review the state of the art in this emerging field of research, focussing on flexible and transparent conductors,

Science and technology roadmap for graphene, related two-dimensional crystals, and hybrid systems.

An overview of the key aspects of graphene and related materials, ranging from fundamental research challenges to a variety of applications in a large number of sectors, highlighting the steps necessary to take GRMs from a state of raw potential to a point where they might revolutionize multiple industries are provided.

What is graphene?

Graphene is a 2D material with a honeycomb lattice structure made of sp2 bonded carbon atoms. Graphene is essentially the mother of all graphitic materials - it can be formed into buckyballs and

Accelerating advanced-materials commercialization.

Commercialization of advanced materials accelerated with appropriate strategies, technology and market uncertainties can be reduced, and the commercialization ofAdvanced materials accelerated.

The Worldwide Graphene Flake Production

It is argued that the creation of stringent standards for graphene characterization and production, taking into account both the physical properties, as well as the requirements from the particular application, is the only way forward to create a healthy and reliable worldwide graphene market.

Graphene-based integrated photonics for next-generation datacom and telecom

It is shown that graphene-based integrated photonics could enable ultrahigh spatial bandwidth density, low power consumption for board connectivity and connectivity between data centres, access networks and metropolitan, core, regional and long-haul optical communications.

Large-scale quantum-emitter arrays in atomically thin semiconductors

Deterministic arrays of hundreds of quantum emitters in tungsten diselenide and tungenstein disulphide monolayers are created, emitting across a range of wavelengths in the visible spectrum, with a greater spectral stability than their randomly occurring counterparts.

The invention of the transistor

The invention of the transistor almost 50 years ago was one of the most important technical developments of this century. It has had profound impact on the way we live and the way we work. The first

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