Graphene in Multilayered CPP Spin Valves


In this paper, we have sandwiched a single-atom-thick sheet of graphene, a 2-D allotrope of carbon that is exciting tremendous research interest, between two ferromagnetic electrodes. Graphene has already been shown to support spin polarized conduction, when spin polarized electrons were injected into graphene sheets along the plane using magnetic… (More)

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@article{Mohiuddin2008GrapheneIM, title={Graphene in Multilayered CPP Spin Valves}, author={T. M. G. Mohiuddin and E. W. Hill and D. Elias and A. A. Zhukov and K. S. Novoselov and A. K. Geim}, journal={IEEE Transactions on Magnetics}, year={2008}, volume={44}, pages={2624-2627} }