Graphene Reflectarray Metasurface for Terahertz Beam Steering and Phase Modulation

  title={Graphene Reflectarray Metasurface for Terahertz Beam Steering and Phase Modulation},
  author={Michele Tamagnone and Santiago Capdevila and Antonio Lombardo and Jingbo Wu and Alba Centeno and Amaia Zurutuza and Adrian M. Ionescu and Andrea C. Ferrari and Juan R. Mosig},
  journal={arXiv: Applied Physics},
We report a THz reflectarray metasurface which uses graphene as active element to achieve beam steering, shaping and broadband phase modulation. This is based on the creation of a voltage controlled reconfigurable phase hologram, which can impart different reflection angles and phases to an incident beam, replacing bulky and fragile rotating mirrors used for terahertz imaging. This can also find applications in other regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, paving the way to versatile optical… 

Full 360° Terahertz Dynamic Phase Modulation Based on Doubly Resonant Graphene–Metal Hybrid Metasurfaces

Dynamic phase modulation is vital for tuneable focusing, beaming, polarisation conversion and holography. However, it remains challenging to achieve full 360° dynamic phase modulation while

Recent Progress of Terahertz Spatial Light Modulators: Materials, Principles and Applications

Terahertz (THz) technology offers unparalleled opportunities in a wide variety of applications, ranging from imaging and spectroscopy to communications and quality control, where lack of efficient

InP-Based THz Beam Steering Leaky-Wave Antenna

For mobile THz applications, integrated beam steering THz transmitters are essential. Beam steering approaches using leaky-wave antennas (LWAs) are attractive in that regard since they do not require

Tunable Graphene-based Metasurfaces for Multi-Wideband 6G Communications

  • H. TaghvaeeA. Pitilakis G. Gradoni
  • Computer Science
    2022 Sixteenth International Congress on Artificial Materials for Novel Wave Phenomena (Metamaterials)
  • 2022
This paper aims to employ this paradigm for 6G networks and design a graphene-based RIS optimized to perform at multiple low atmospheric attenuation channels, and investigates the performance of this multi-wideband design through numerical and analytical analysis.

Programmable Coding Metasurface for Dual-Band Independent Real-Time Beam Control

  • N. ZhangKe Chen Yijun Feng
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Journal on Emerging and Selected Topics in Circuits and Systems
  • 2020
A 1-bit high-efficiency programmable metasurface is proposed to achieve completely independent functions with real-time reconfigurability controlled by FPGA hardware system in both C-band and X-band, designed with abilities of generating multi-beams or twin-beam scanning in the low frequency band while dynamic beam-scanning in high frequency band.

Terahertz Metamaterials for Free-Space and on-Chip Applications: From Active Metadevices to Topological Photonic Crystals

Terahertz (THz) waves have exhibited promising applications in imaging, sensing, and communications, especially for the next-generation wireless communications due to the large bandwidth and abundant

Tunable, Grating‐Gated, Graphene‐On‐Polyimide Terahertz Modulators

An electrically switchable graphene terahertz (THz) modulator with a tunable‐by‐design optical bandwidth is presented and it is exploited to compensate the cavity dispersion of a quantum cascade

All-Optical Modulation Technology Based on 2D Layered Materials

In the advancement of photonics technologies, all-optical systems are highly demanded in ultrafast photonics, signal processing, optical sensing and optical communication systems. All-optical devices

Wideband tunable mid‐infrared cross‐polarisation converter using monolayered graphene‐based metasurface over a wide angle of incidence

In this study, the authors have designed and proposed a monolayer graphene-based metasurface, performing as a broadband polarisation converter over a wide angle of incidence. The unit cell of the



Electrically tunable metasurface perfect absorbers for ultrathin mid-infrared optical modulators.

It is shown that a widely tunable metasurface composed of optical antennas on graphene can be incorporated into a subwavelength-thick optical cavity to create an electrically tunable perfect absorber.

Terahertz reflectarray as a polarizing beam splitter.

The designed terahertz reflectarray can efficiently separate the two polarization components of a normally incident wave towards different predesigned directions of ±30° and the measured radiation patterns show excellent polarization purity, with a cross-polarization level below -27 dB.

Gate-controlled mid-infrared light bending with aperiodic graphene nanoribbons array

This work demonstrates the electrical control of the angle of reflection of a mid-infrared light beam by using an aperiodic array of graphene nanoribbons, whose widths are engineered to produce a spatially varying reflection phase profile that allows for the construction of a far-field collimated beam towards a predefined direction.

Widely Tunable Terahertz Phase Modulation with Gate-Controlled Graphene Metasurfaces

Modulating the phase of electromagnetic waves has many applications in photonic research. A new mechanism allows a thin graphene metasurface to reliably achieve an extremely large phase modulation in

Tri-Band, Polarization-Independent Reflectarray at Terahertz Frequencies: Design, Fabrication, and Measurement

In this paper, two THz reflectarray surfaces have been designed and fabricated in order to deflect a plane wave with any polarization and with a specific incident angle to three different specific

Experimental Demonstration of >230° Phase Modulation in Gate-Tunable Graphene-Gold Reconfigurable Mid-Infrared Metasurfaces.

The phase modulation of an electronically reconfigurable metasurface is reported and its utility for mid-infrared beam steering is demonstrated and an average beam steering efficiency of 23% is demonstrated for reflected light for angles up to 30° for this range of phases.

Reconfigurable Reflectarrays and Array Lenses for Dynamic Antenna Beam Control: A Review

The paper describes the fundamental design approaches employed in realizing reconfigurable designs, and explores advanced capabilities of these nascent architectures, such as multi-band operation, polarization manipulation, frequency agility, and amplification.

Metasurface Polarization Optics: Independent Phase Control of Arbitrary Orthogonal States of Polarization.

We present a method allowing for the imposition of two independent and arbitrary phase profiles on any pair of orthogonal states of polarization-linear, circular, or elliptical-relying only on

Modulation of mid-infrared light using graphene-metal plasmonic antennas

We show that large modulation of the amplitude and phase of mid-infrared light can be achieved by dynamically shifting the resonance of graphene-metal plasmonic antennas via electrical tuning of the

Metalenses at visible wavelengths: Diffraction-limited focusing and subwavelength resolution imaging

The results firmly establish that metalenses can have widespread applications in laser-based microscopy, imaging, and spectroscopy, with image qualities comparable to a state-of-the-art commercial objective.