Graphene: Status and Prospects

  title={Graphene: Status and Prospects},
  author={Andre K. Geim},
  pages={1530 - 1534}
  • Andre K. Geim
  • Published 2009
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Science
  • Expanding Flatland Since its discovery and isolation some 5 years ago, research on graphene has exploded. The sheets of carbon atoms, just one atom thick, exhibit a vast array of properties—mechanical, optical, and electrical—that make it an ideal test bed to probe fundamental problems in physics, as well as lending itself to a wide portfolio of applications. Geim (p. 1530), the discoverer of this remarkable material, reviews recent advances and discusses what other developments may be in store… CONTINUE READING

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    Graphene: A Review
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    Challenges in the Manufacturing and Operations of Graphene
    Wonder material graphene: properties, synthesis and practical applications
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    Work Function Engineering of Graphene
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    Extreme sensitivity of graphene photoconductivity to environmental gases
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    Just Add Water
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