Graph-theoretic characterization of cyber-threat infrastructures


In this paper, we investigate cyber-threats and the underlying infrastructures. More precisely, we detect and analyze cyber-threat infrastructures for the purpose of unveiling key players (owners, domains, IPs, organizations, malware families, etc.) and the relationships between these players. To this end, we propose metrics to measure the badness of… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.diin.2015.05.002
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@article{Boukhtouta2015GraphtheoreticCO, title={Graph-theoretic characterization of cyber-threat infrastructures}, author={Amine Boukhtouta and Djedjiga Mouheb and Mourad Debbabi and Omar Alfandi and Farkhund Iqbal and May El Barachi}, journal={Digital Investigation}, year={2015}, volume={14}, pages={S3-S15} }