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Graph Theory Based Routing Algorithms

  title={Graph Theory Based Routing Algorithms},
  author={Bo Wu},
  • Bo Wu
  • Published 2017
  • Computer Science


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Combinatorial algorithms for integrated circuit layout
This paper will concern you to try reading combinatorial algorithms for integrated circuit layout as one of the reading material to finish quickly.
Maximum Weighted /^-Coverings in Transi­ tive Graphs,
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Over-the-cell channel routing
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An over-the-cell channel router that produces solutions which are better than the optimal two-layer channel routing solutions for all test examples is designed and outperforms the over- the- cell channel router described by Y. Shiraishi and Y. Sakemi.
A new approach to topological via minimization
A two-chain maximum dominance problem, which is of interest in its own right, is considered, and its applications to other very large-scale integration layout problems are shown.
Via Assignment in Single-Row Routing
Experimental results establish the superiority of the new heuristics over earlier ones that are obtained in the via assignment problem that arises when the single-row routing approach to the interconnection problem is used.
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A graph theoretic approach to single row routing problems
A novel approach to the classical single-row routing problem, based on a graph-theoretic representation, in which an instance of the single row routing problem is represented by three graphs: a circle graph, a permutation graph, and an interval graph.