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Graph Summarization in Annotated Data Using Probabilistic Soft Logic

  title={Graph Summarization in Annotated Data Using Probabilistic Soft Logic},
  author={Alex Memory and A. Kimmig and Stephen H. Bach and L. Raschid and L. Getoor},
  • Alex Memory, A. Kimmig, +2 authors L. Getoor
  • Published in URSW 2012
  • Computer Science
  • Annotation graphs, made available through the Linked Data initiative and Semantic Web, have significant scientific value. However, their increasing complexity makes it difficult to fully exploit this value. Graph summaries, which group similar entities and relations for a more abstract view on the data, can help alleviate this problem, but new methods for graph summarization are needed that handle uncertainty present within and across these sources. Here, we propose the use of probabilistic… CONTINUE READING
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