Graph Neural Networks: a bibliometrics overview

  title={Graph Neural Networks: a bibliometrics overview},
  author={Abdalsamad Keramatfar and Mohadeseh Rafiee and Hossein Amirkhani},
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Multi-view graph structure learning using subspace merging on Grassmann manifold

This paper introduces a new graph structure learning approach using multi-view learning, named MV-GSL (Multi-View Graph Structure Learning), in which the methods are aggregate using subspace merging on Grassmann manifold to improve the quality of the learned graph structures.



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A comprehensive analysis of publications of DL from 2007 to 2019 is deployed and a preliminary knowledge of DL is provided for researchers who are interested in this area and a conclusive and comprehensive analysis is made for these who want to do further research on this area.

A context-aware citation recommendation model with BERT and graph convolutional networks

A deep learning-based model and well-organized dataset for context-aware paper citation recommendation and the results indicate that the proposed model with the proposed datasets can attain state-of-the-art performance and achieve a more than 28% improvement in mean average precision and recall@k.

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Investigations demonstrate that the most frequent subject categories in this field are computer science, engineering, telecommunications, linguistics, operations research and management science, information science and library science, business and economics, automation and control systems, robotics and social sciences.

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A comprehensive Bibliometric analysis of the research status, trends and hotspots in the domain of Deep Learning indicates that the current global deep learning research is of great value.

Revisiting Graph Neural Networks for Link Prediction

It is concluded that simply aggregating node embeddings does not lead to effective link representations, while learning from properly labeled subgraphs around links provides highly expressive and generalizable link representations.

Graph Neural Networks: A Review of Methods and Applications

A bibliometric analysis of topic modelling studies (2000–2017)

A bibliometric analysis of SCIE, SSCI and A&HCI listed articles published from 2000 and 2017 shows that China plays a leading role in topic modelling studies and LDA, social networks and text analysis are the topics with increasing popularity.

Gated Graph Sequence Neural Networks

This work studies feature learning techniques for graph-structured inputs and achieves state-of-the-art performance on a problem from program verification, in which subgraphs need to be matched to abstract data structures.

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A comprehensive review specifically on the emerging field of graph convolutional networks, which is one of the most prominent graph deep learning models, is conducted and several open challenges are presented and potential directions for future research are discussed.

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