Granzyme M cannot induce cell death via cleavage of mouse FADD

  title={Granzyme M cannot induce cell death via cleavage of mouse FADD},
  author={Stefanie A. H. de Poot and Ka Wai Lai and Elise Sofie Hovingh and Niels Bovenschen},
To the Editor, Cytotoxic lymphocytes form the first line of defense against virus-infected and tumor cells, and can initiate target cell death via death receptor ligation or the granule exocytosis pathway [1]. In the latter pathway, cytotoxic lymphocytes deliver a set of structurally homologous serine proteases known as granzymes into the target cell, where they can activate intracellular cell death pathways [2]. Human granzyme M (hGrM) efficiently induces apoptosis in a wide variety of human… CONTINUE READING


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