Granville T. Woods

  title={Granville T. Woods},
  author={Michael Calebrese Christopher},
  journal={Journal of Black Studies},
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In the late 1800s, a popular candidate for Congress remarked that blacks should not be permitted to vote because "none of them had ever evinced sufficient capacity to justify such a privilege," and "no one of the race had ever reached the dignity of an inventor" (Baker, 1969). Blacks generally were thought to lack the mental capacity needed to handle the complicated abstract concepts used in designing inventions. This mode of thinking made its way into the twentieth century. In 1913, when asked… 
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The Colored Inventor

Henry Edwin Baker (1859-1928) was an African American author. He was born in Columbus, Mississippi. When he was 16 he was one of only three black men selected as cadet midshipmen to the US Naval

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Christopher received his engineering management degree from the University of Texas at Austin, and is currently a Systems Engineer with the General Systems Division of the IBM Corporation in Dallas

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