Granulomatous slack skin: report of a case associated with Hodgkin's disease and a review of the literature.


We report a case of granulomatous slack skin (GSS) associated with Hodgkin's disease, and review the literature on this entity. GSS, a variant of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, clinically presents with erythematous patches in the flexures, which gradually transform into bulky, pendulous areas of skin. Histology shows an elastolytic granulomatous infiltrate, with atypical lymphoid cells, and occasional epidermotropism. As far as we are aware, 10 cases of GSS, including our patient, have been reported in detail. The male:female ratio of these cases is 9:1, and the age range 15-51 years. Five cases were associated with Hodgkin's disease, one with small lymphocytic lymphoma, and one developed cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. The axillae, abdomen and groins were the most frequently affected areas. No definitive management for GSS has been established. Surgery has been performed in localized forms, and systemic treatments have included corticosteroids, dapsone, chlorambucil, nitrogen mustard, and radiotherapy. Our patient was treated with chemotherapy for his Hodgkin's disease, and this resulted in complete remission of the lymphoma. Subsequent maintenance therapy with interferon-alpha produced good control of the cutaneous lesions.

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