Granulomatous hepatitis in a patient with Crohn's disease and cholestasis

  title={Granulomatous hepatitis in a patient with Crohn's disease and cholestasis},
  author={Bogdan Ioannis Patedakis Litvinov and Amitesh Pathak},
  journal={BMJ Case Reports},
We describe a case of a 23-year-old woman with a history of Crohn's disease (CD), who initially presented with sepsis-like symptoms, subsequently developed severe cholestasis and following extensive inpatient workup was found to have non-caseating granulomas on her liver biopsy. Infectious aetiologies were excluded and the patient was treated with oral corticosteroids, which ameliorated but did not completely reverse the cholestasis. We review the differential diagnosis of hepatic granulomas… Expand
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Unexpected Liver Lesions in Crohn's Disease.
  • Jian Tang, Z. Huang, Huili Guo, K. Chao, Xiang Gao
  • Medicine
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases
  • 2021
Hepatic granulomas as an extraintestinal manifestation of Crohn's disease.


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