Granulocytic sarcomas: difficulties in diagnosis.

  title={Granulocytic sarcomas: difficulties in diagnosis.},
  author={Fatma Markoç and Nazan Bozdoğan and Fisun Ardic Y{\"u}kr{\"u}k and Evrim Berkel Gumuc and Noyan Can Akdur},
  volume={96 1},
Granulocytic sarcoma is an uncommon tumor composed of myeloid blasts and/or immature myeloid cells in an extramedullary site which is usually associated with acute or chronic myeloid leukemia. The tumor may also be the initial manifestation of leukemia. The histomorphological diagnosis of granulocytic sarcoma can be challenging to pathologists, especially in the absence of a known hematological disorder. In this case, differentiation of granulocytic sarcoma from malignant lymphomas and other… CONTINUE READING