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Granule based File Storage System with Secure Transparent Availability

  title={Granule based File Storage System with Secure Transparent Availability},
  author={A. Suthan and D. Kesavaraja},
The main aim of many security algorithms is to provide security to the data that we store. These algorithms provide security only untill the intruder gets hold of the file.With advancements in technology, any security mechanism can be cracked within a specified time period. In our paper we propose an alternative mechanism to this kind of security provision. We propose that the file be splitted into n number of particles and these particles be distributed within the system providing transparency… Expand
Third Party Authorized Auditing of Dynamic Big Data on Cloud with Fine Grained Upgrades
Cloud computing is a method of providing a set of shared computing resources that includes applications, computing, storage, networking, development, and deployment platforms as well as businessExpand
Utilizing Traveral Sequence Order for Storage Layout in Walkthrough
This paper proposes a new Sequence-based Pattern Similarity (SPS) approach based on a behavioural walkthrough system that exploits sequence-based semantic-oriented clustering techniques, such as association, intra-relationships, and inter-relationship, to explore additional links throughout the behavioural walk through system. Expand


The performance of query control schemes for the zone routing protocol
This paper studies the performance of route query control mechanisms for the recently proposed Zone Routing Protocol (ZRP) for ad-hoc networks and demonstrates how certain combinations of these techniques can be applied to single channel or multiple channel ad-Hoc networks to improve both the delay and control traffic performance of the ZRP. Expand
Efficient Broadcasting in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
An efficient sender-based flooding algorithm based on 1-hop neighbor information that reduces the time complexity of computing forwarding nodes to O(n) and it is proved that the probability of two neighbor nodes broadcasting the same messageneighbor nodes broadcastingThe same message exponentially decreases when the distance between them decreases or when the node density increases. Expand
IPv6 address allocation in hybrid mobile ad-hoc networks
  • I. Park, Y. Kim, Sang-san Lee
  • Computer Science
  • Second IEEE Workshop on Software Technologies for Future Embedded and Ubiquitous Systems, 2004. Proceedings.
  • 2004
This paper considers the hybrid MANET where the pure MANET is interconnected to the external Internet by some gateways, and presents a new address allocation scheme by modifying the IPv6 stateless address autoconfiguration protocol, which decreases the latency of address allocation period by enhancing the duplicate address detection (DAD) mechanism of the address autocompletion protocol. Expand
Flooding for Reliable Multicast in Multi-Hop Ad Hoc Networks
It is demonstrated that even flooding is insufficient for reliable multicast in ad hoc networks when mobility is very high, and traditional multicast approaches are not appropriate. Expand
Adaptive approaches to relieving broadcast storms in a wireless multihop mobile ad hoc network
  • Y. Tseng, S. Ni, En-Yu Shih
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings 21st International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems
  • 2001
This work proposes several adaptive schemes, which can dynamically adjust thresholds based on local connectivity information and shows that these adaptive schemes can offer better reachability as well as efficiency as compared to the results in (Ni et al., 1999). Expand
Global connectivity for IPv6 Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
This document describes how to obtain a globally routable address and internet gateway operation and once a manet node obtains a global address from an internet gateway, it may exchange data with nodes on the Internet. Expand
Location-aided routing (LAR) in mobile ad hoc networks
An approach to utilize location information (for instance, obtained using the global positioning system) to improve performance of routing protocols for ad hoc networks is suggested. Expand
Journal of Advanced Science and Technology
  • Journal of Advanced Science and Technology
  • 2011
K.Bhargava,‖Efficient Broadcasting in Mobile Ad hoc Networks‖IEEE Trans.on mobile computing,vol
  • 2009