Granular Cell Tumor of the Tongue: A Case Report with Emphasis on the Diagnostic and Therapeutic Proceedings

  title={Granular Cell Tumor of the Tongue: A Case Report with Emphasis on the Diagnostic and Therapeutic Proceedings},
  author={Bacem A. E. Ottoman},
Granular cell tumor (GCT), eponymically Abrikossoff’s myoblastoma, is an uncommon asymptomatic benign neoplasm with controversial etiopathogenia. The tumor typically reveals itself as a well-circumscribed, slowly growing nodular mass. Tongue is most commonly preferred in the head and neck region. The conventional size of the granular cell tumor is usually measuring 2-3 centimeters in its greater diameter. The granular cell tumor can taint all age groups, with a peak between 40 and 60 years… Expand
Abrikossoff's tumor of the tongue: Report of three cases and review of the literature
Three uncommon cases of oral Abrikossoff's tumor located on the tongue in young patients referred to the department of maxillofacial surgery of “University Magna Graecia” in Catanzaro are reported. Expand
A Rare Case of Traumatic Ulcerative Granuloma with Stromal Eosinophilia of the Tongue (Tugse) in a Child: Diagnostic Problems and Differential Diagnosis
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Malignant Granular Cell Tumor of the Tongue: A Clinico-Pathological Challenge
A rare case of possibly the largest reported GCT in literature in a 36- year-old lady is presented and its management is discussed highlighting its atypical presentation and the reconstructive challenges. Expand
Granular cell tumor presenting as a tongue nodule: two case reports
Granular cell tumor is an uncommon tumor that must be carefully diagnosed and treated correctly and is typically asymptomatic and appears as a nodule that does not exceed 3 cm. Expand
Granular cell tumor of the tongue in a 6-year-old girl--a case report.
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Coexistence of Granular Cell Tumor with Squamous Cell Carcinoma on the Tongue: A Case Report
Well-differentiated SCC should be differentiated from pseudoepitheliomatous hyperplasia through careful investigation, with the help of Ki-67 and p63 expression, in addition to immunohistochemical markers. Expand
Abrikossoff's tumor of tongue: Report of an uncommon lesion
Immunohistochemical findings obtained in the present case render support for the neural histogenetic origin for this granular cell tumor in a 9-year-old female patient. Expand
Lingual Squamous Cell Carcinoma Surrounded by Granular Cell Tumor
The pathological findings established that the lesion was SCC covered by GCT in the midline of the tongue, and an SCC coexisting with GCT at the same site as a median tongue lesion is reported on. Expand
Multiple granular cell tumors with metachronous occurrence in tongue and vulva. Clinicopathological and immunohistochemical study
It is emphasized that patients with GCT, especially young patients, should be followed long-term, looking for multiple tumors or other abnormalities suggestive of a systemic syndrome, given the associations described in multiple GCT. Expand
Abrikossoff's Tumor
A case of Abrikossoff tumor affecting the mucus of the right side of the hemipalate in a 53-year-old patient is discussed, a review of the literature is presented and a study of the neoformation of the disease is presented. Expand
Multiple congenital granular cell epulis in a female newborn: a case report
An unusual case of congenital granular cell epulis present in the mouth of a 4-day-old Asian Chinese female newborn, which was causing difficulty in feeding, was reported here because of its rarity. Expand
Multiple Congenital Epulis in Alveolar Ridges of Maxilla and Mandible in a Newborn: A Rare Case Report
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