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Grand Unified Neutrino Spectrum at Earth: Sources and Spectral Components

  title={Grand Unified Neutrino Spectrum at Earth: Sources and Spectral Components},
  author={E. Vitagliano and I. Tamborra and G. Raffelt},
  • E. Vitagliano, I. Tamborra, G. Raffelt
  • Published 2019
  • Physics
  • We briefly review the dominant neutrino fluxes at Earth from different sources and present the Grand Unified Neutrino Spectrum ranging from meV to PeV energies. For each energy band and source, we discuss both theoretical expectations and experimental data. This compact review should be useful as a brief reference to those interested in neutrino astronomy, fundamental particle physics, dark-matter detection, high-energy astrophysics, geophysics, and other related topics. 


    Primordial Neutrinos
    • 45
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    Prompt neutrino fluxes from atmospheric charm
    • 253
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    The atmospheric neutrino flux below 100-MeV: The FLUKA results
    • 53
    Energy Spectra and Angular Distributions of Atmospheric Neutrinos
    • 36
    Identifying the neutrino mass spectrum from the neutrino burst from a supernova
    • 255
    • Highly Influential
    Explanation for the low flux of high-energy astrophysical muon neutrinos.
    • 25
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    High-energy neutrinos from the sun and cold dark matter
    • 100
    Cosmogenic neutrinos and ultra-high energy cosmic ray models
    • 54
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    Relic neutrino background from cosmological supernovae
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