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Grammatical Outline of Uilta (Revised)

  title={Grammatical Outline of Uilta (Revised)},
  author={T. Tsumagari},
  journal={Journal of the graduate school of letters},
  • T. Tsumagari
  • Published 2009
  • History
  • Journal of the graduate school of letters
The present paper,a revised and enlarged version of Tsumagari(1985a),is a sketch of Uilta, a Tungusic language spoken in Sakhalin. The first section includes a description of linguistic situation and a brief history of study. The second section is devoted to phonology and the third to morphological description. In the fourth section,various types of noun phrase and sentence structure are illustrated. Finally a short text with grammatical analysis is appended. Though the present sketch is far… Expand
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Tongue Root Harmony and Vowel Contrast in Northeast Asian Languages


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