Gradual ordering in red abalone nacre.

  title={Gradual ordering in red abalone nacre.},
  author={Pupa U P A Gilbert and Rebecca A Metzler and Dong Zhou and Andreas Scholl and Andrew Doran and Anthony Young and Martin Kunz and Nobumichi Tamura and Susan N. Coppersmith},
  journal={Journal of the American Chemical Society},
  volume={130 51},
Red abalone (Haliotis rufescens) nacre is a layered composite biomineral that contains crystalline aragonite tablets confined by organic layers. Nacre is intensely studied because its biologically controlled microarchitecture gives rise to remarkable strength and toughness, but the mechanisms leading to its formation are not well understood. Here we present synchrotron spectromicroscopy experiments revealing that stacks of aragonite tablet crystals in nacre are misoriented with respect to each… CONTINUE READING
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