Gradings, Braidings, Representations, Paraparticles: Some Open Problems

  title={Gradings, Braidings, Representations, Paraparticles: Some Open Problems},
  author={Konstantinos Kanakoglou},
A research proposal on the algebraic structure, the representations and the possible applications of paraparticle algebras is structured in three modules: The first part stems from an attempt to classify the inequivalent gradings and braided group structures present in the various parastatistical algebraic models. The second part of the proposal aims at refining and utilizing a previously published methodology for the study of the Fock-like representations of the parabosonic algebra, in such a… 

Yang-Baxter Systems, Algebra Factorizations and Braided Categories

A sketch of proof uses braided categories and the problem of constructing algebra factorizations from Yang-Baxter systems is considered and other problems are proposed.

Z2×Z2 -graded parastatistics in multiparticle quantum Hamiltonians

The recent surge of interest in Z2×Z2 -graded invariant mechanics poses the challenge of understanding the physical consequences of a Z2×Z2 -graded symmetry. In this paper it is shown that

On Transcendental Numbers: New Results and a Little History

This paper begins with a survey on transcendence and transcendental numbers, it then presents several properties of the transcendentalNumbers e and π, and then it gives the proof of a new inequality for transcendental Numbers.

Z2 and Klein graded Lie algebras

In this master's thesis, we recall the definitions and basic results for Lie superalgebras. We specify the definition for Klein graded Lie algebras and, motivated by well known results for Lie

On Transcendental Numbers

The exponential function axioms related to the Yang-Baxter equation are studied and new inequalities for transcendental numbers are stated and proved.

The Conventionality of Parastatistics

Nature seems to be such that we can describe it accurately with quantum theories of bosons and fermions alone, without resort to parastatistics. This has been seen as a deep mystery: paraparticles

A ug 2 02 0 Z 2 ˆ Z 2-graded parastatistics in multiparticle quantum Hamiltonians

The recent surge of interest in Z2 ˆZ2-graded invariant mechanics poses the challenge of understanding the physical consequences of a Z2 ˆ Z2-graded symmetry. In this paper it is shown that

Cold and trapped metastable noble gases

Experimental work on cold, trapped metastable noble gases is reviewed. The aspects which distinguish work with these atoms from the large body of work on cold, trapped atoms in general is emphasized.

Inequivalent quantizations from gradings and Z2×Z2 parabosons

  • F. Toppan
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical
  • 2021
This paper introduces the parastatistics induced by Z2×Z2‐graded algebras. It accommodates four kinds of particles: ordinary bosons and three types of parabosons which mutually anticommute when



Super-Hopf realizations of Lie Superalgebras: Braided Paraparticle extensions of the Jordan-Schwinger map

The mathematical structure of a mixed paraparticle system ( co bining both parabosonic and parafermionic degrees of freedom) commonly known as the Relative Parabose Set, will be investigated and a

Mixed Paraparticles, Colors, Braidings and a new class of Realizations for Lie superalgebras

A rigorous algebraic description of the notion of realization, specialized in the case of Lie superalgebras is given. The idea of the Relative Parabose set $P_{BF}$ is recalled together with some


Parafermions, parabosons and representations of so(\infty) and osp(1|\infty)

The goal of this paper is to give an explicit construction of the Fock spaces of the parafermion and the paraboson algebra, for an infinite set of generators. This is equivalent to constructing

Quasitriangular Hopf Algebras and Yang-Baxter Equations

This is an informal introduction to the theory of quasitriangular Hopf algebras and its connections with physics. Basic properties and applications of Hopf algebras and Yang-Baxter equations are

Graded structure and Hopf structures in parabosonic algebra. An alternative approach to bosonisation

Parabosonic algebra in infinite degrees of freedom is presen ted as a generalization of the bosonic algebra, from the viewpoints of both physics and mathematics. The notion of super-Hopf algebra is

Supersymmetry, parastatistics, and operator realizations of a Lie algebra

The algebraic structure of parastatistics has been generalized and it is found to be consistent with supersymmetric quantum mechanics with supercharges constructed out of the generalized para‐Bose

Bosonisation and Parastatistics: An Example and an Alternative Approach

Definitions of the parastatistics algebras and known results on their Lie (super)algebraic structure are reviewed. The notion of super-Hopf algebra is discussed. The bosonisation technique for

A braided look at Green ansatz for parabosons

Bosons and parabosons are described as associative superalgebras, with an infinite number of odd generators. Bosons are shown to be a quotient superalgebra of parabosons, establishing thus an even

Hopf algebraic structure of the parabosonic and parafermionic algebras and paraparticle generalization of the Jordan Schwinger map

The aim of this paper is to show that there is a Hopf structure of the parabosonic and parafermionic algebras and this Hopf structure can generate the well-known Hopf algebraic structure of the Lie