Grading odor similarities in a Go/No-Go task.

  title={Grading odor similarities in a Go/No-Go task.},
  author={Leslie M. Kay and Magdalena E Krysiak and Lale Barlas and Gabrielle Bloom Edgerton},
  journal={Physiology & behavior},
  volume={88 4-5},
Recent studies show that some features of odor perception are predicted by olfactory receptor biophysics and olfactory bulb physiology. Those studies used a behavioral assay in which rodents dig in a dish of scented cage bedding after pretraining to associate a buried reward with an odorant. The advantage of the digging task is an intensity measure of similarity (number of seconds spent digging). The method has the disadvantages of odorant contamination and low control over concentration and… CONTINUE READING