Grading, A Study in Semantics

  title={Grading, A Study in Semantics},
  author={E. Sapir},
  journal={Philosophy of Science},
  pages={93 - 116}
  • E. Sapir
  • Published 1944
  • Mathematics
  • Philosophy of Science
The first thing to realize about grading as a psychological process is that it precedes measurement and counting. Judgments of the type "A is larger than B" or "This can contains less milk than that" are made long before it is possible to say, e.g., "A is twice as large as B" or "A has a volume of 25 cubic feet, B a volume of 20 cubic feet, therefore A is larger than B by 5 cubic feet," or "This can contains a quart of milk, that one 3 quarts of milk, therefore the former has less milk in it… Expand