Gradient flow exact renormalization group

  title={Gradient flow exact renormalization group},
  author={H. Sonoda and Hiroshi Suzuki},
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The gradient flow bears a close resemblance to the coarse graining, the guiding principle of the renormalization group (RG). In the case of scalar field theory, a precise connection has been made between the gradient flow and the RG flow of the Wilson action in the exact renormalization group (ERG) formalism. By imitating the structure of this connection, we propose an ERG differential equation that preserves manifest gauge invariance in Yang--Mills theory. Our construction in continuum theory… 

Gauge covariant neural network for 4 dimensional non-abelian gauge theory

A gauge covariant neural network for four dimensional non-abelian gauge theory, which realizes a map between rank-2 tensor valued vector fields, and the smeared force in hybrid Monte Carlo (HMC) is naturally derived with the backpropagation.

Fixed Point Structure of Gradient Flow Exact Renormalization Group for Scalar Field Theories

: Gradient Flow Exact Renormalization Group (GFERG) is a framework to define the Wilson action via a gradient flow equation. We study the fixed point structure of the GFERG equation associated with a

A novel nonperturbative renormalization scheme for local operators

Anna Hasenfratz, Christopher J. Monahan,b,c,∗ Matthew D. Rizik, Andrea Shindler and Oliver Witzel Department of Physics, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309, USA William & Mary, Williamsburg,



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Stochastic renormalization group and gradient flow

  • A. Carosso
  • Physics
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  • 2020
A non-perturbative and continuous definition of RG transformations as stochastic processes is proposed, inspired by the observation that the functional RG equations for effective Boltzmann factors

Derivation of a gradient flow from the exact renormalization group

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Properties and uses of the Wilson flow in lattice QCD

Theoretical and numerical studies of the Wilson flow in lattice QCD suggest that the gauge field obtained at flow time t > 0 is a smooth renormalized field. The expectation values of local

Trivializing Maps, the Wilson Flow and the HMC Algorithm

In lattice gauge theory, there exist field transformations that map the theory to the trivial one, where the basic field variables are completely decoupled from one another. Such maps can be