Gradient Descent with Identity Initialization Efficiently Learns Positive-Definite Linear Transformations by Deep Residual Networks

  title={Gradient Descent with Identity Initialization Efficiently Learns Positive-Definite Linear Transformations by Deep Residual Networks},
  author={P. Bartlett and D. Helmbold and Philip M. Long},
  journal={Neural Computation},
  • P. Bartlett, D. Helmbold, Philip M. Long
  • Published 2019
  • Computer Science, Mathematics, Medicine
  • Neural Computation
  • We analyze algorithms for approximating a function f(x)=Φx mapping ℜd to ℜd using deep linear neural networks, that is, that learn a function h parameterized by matrices Θ1,…,ΘL and defined by h(x)=ΘLΘL-1…Θ1x. We focus on algorithms that learn through gradient descent on the population quadratic loss in the case that the distribution over the inputs is isotropic. We provide polynomial bounds on the number of iterations for gradient descent to approximate the least-squares matrix Φ, in the case… CONTINUE READING
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