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Gradient-Based Mixed Planning with Discrete and Continuous Actions

  title={Gradient-Based Mixed Planning with Discrete and Continuous Actions},
  author={Kebing Jin and Hankz Hankui Zhuo and Zhanhao Xiao and Hai Wan and S. Kambhampati},
Dealing with planning problems with both discrete logical relations and continuous numeric changes in real-world dynamic environments is challenging. Existing numeric planning systems for the problem often discretize numeric variables or impose convex quadratic constraints on numeric variables, which harms the performance when solving the problem. In this paper, we propose a novel algorithm framework to solve the numeric planning problems mixed with discrete and continuous actions based on… 


A Hybrid Relaxed Planning Graph'LP Heuristic for Numeric Planning Domains
A new heuristic for use in strongly numeric domains is presented, using a Linear Program to capture numeric constraints as an adjunct to a relaxed planning graph and it is demonstrated that an intelligent combination of these two techniques offers greatly improved heuristic guidance.
Mixed Discrete Continuous Non-Linear Planning through Piecewise Linear Approximation
Bounding the problem using linear over and under-estimators, allows us to use scalable planners that handle linear change to find plans for non-linear domains to achieve state-of-the-art performance in non- linear planning.
Sampling-Based Motion and Symbolic Action Planning with geometric and differential constraints
  • E. Plaku, Gregory Hager
  • Computer Science
    2010 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation
  • 2010
Sampling-based Motion and Symbolic Action Planner leverages from sampling-based motion planning the underlying idea of searching for a solution trajectory by selectively sampling and exploring the continuous space of collision-free and dynamically-feasible motions.
Interval-Based Relaxation for General Numeric Planning
The interval-based relaxation is generalised to sequential numeric planning problems with non-linear conditions and effects, and cyclic dependencies, and heuristics obtained from the generalised relaxation are pruning-safe.
ScottyActivity: Mixed Discrete-Continuous Planning with Convex Optimization
The ScottyActivity planner is presented, that is able to generate practical hybrid activity and motion plans over long horizons by employing recent methods in convex optimization combined with methods for planning with relaxed plan graphs and heuristic forward search, and can solve a broad class of robotic planning problems.
Temporal Planning with Preferences and Time-Dependent Continuous Costs
This paper considers modeling and reasoning with plan quality metrics that are not directly correlated with plan makespan, building on the planner POPF and presents a mixed integer programming encoding to manage the the interaction between the hard temporal constraints for plan steps, and soft temporal constraint for preferences.
Improving Temporal Flexibility of Position Constrained Metric Temporal Plans
This paper develops a general CSP encoding for partializing position-constrained temporal plans, that can be optimized under an objective function dealing with a variety of temporal flexibility criteria, such as makespan.
COLIN: Planning with Continuous Linear Numeric Change
In this paper we describe COLIN, a forward-chaining heuristic search planner, capable of reasoning with COntinuous LINear numeric change, in addition to the full temporal semantics of PDDL2.1.
A universal planning system for hybrid domains
The UPMurphi tool is presented, a universal planner based on the discretise and validate approach that is capable of reasoning with mixed discrete/continuous domains, fully respecting the semantics of PDDL+.
Generative multi-robot task and motion planning over long horizons
Scotty is presented, a planning system for hybrid activity and trajectory planning problems that can solve a broad class of expressive robotic planning problems by supporting convex quadratic constraints on state variables and control variables that are jointly constrained and that affect multiple state variables simultaneously.