Graded derivations of the algebra of differential forms associated with a connection

  title={Graded derivations of the algebra of differential forms associated with a connection},
  author={Peter W. Michor},
  journal={Lecture Notes in Mathematics},
  • P. Michor
  • Published 1 February 1992
  • Mathematics
  • Lecture Notes in Mathematics
The central part of calculus on manifolds is usually the calculus of differential forms and the best known operators are exterior derivative, Lie derivatives, pullback and insertion operators. Differential forms are a graded commutative algebra and one may ask for the space of graded derivations of it. It was described by Frolicher and Nijenhuis in [1], who found that any such derivation is the sum of a Lie derivation Θ(K) and an insertion operator i(L) for tangent bundle valued differential… 
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