Graded Exposure Therapy for Long-Standing Disgust-Related Cockroach Avoidance in an Older Male

  title={Graded Exposure Therapy for Long-Standing Disgust-Related Cockroach Avoidance in an Older Male},
  author={David Berle},
  journal={Clinical Case Studies},
  pages={339 - 347}
  • D. Berle
  • Published 1 August 2007
  • Psychology
  • Clinical Case Studies
This case study outlines the use of graded in-vivo exposure to reduce an aversion to cockroaches in an older male. Following assessment, seven therapy sessions of in-vivo exposure were conducted where the client was progressively brought into closer and closer contact with cockroaches. A decrease in the client's aversion to cockroaches was apparent at posttreatment and persisted to 5-month follow-up, as evidenced by client reports and decreased behavioral avoidance. The client maintained that… 

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