Gracilis muscle injury as a cause of lameness in two horses.

  title={Gracilis muscle injury as a cause of lameness in two horses.},
  author={Robin Marie Dabareiner and David G. Schmitz and Clifford M. Honnas and Gerald Kent Carter},
  journal={Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association},
  volume={224 10},
          1630-3, 1605-6
Injury to the gracilis muscle can cause acute, severe lameness in horses. Two female Quarter Horses that were used for barrel racing sustained gracilis muscle tear injuries. The site of injury was localized by direct infiltration of the area with mepivacaine. The extent of muscle tearing and seroma formation was determined via ultrasonographic evaluation. One horse developed fibrotic myopathy approximately 3 months after the original injury and underwent surgery to transect a palpable fibrous… CONTINUE READING

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