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Government Expenditure on Agriculture and Economic Growth in Nigeria

  title={Government Expenditure on Agriculture and Economic Growth in Nigeria},
  author={Ebere and Chidinma},
This study empirically examined the impact of government expenditure on agriculture on economic growth in Nigeria over the years. A time series data of 33 years sourced from the Central bank of Nigeria was used. Ordinary Least Square (OLS) technique of data analysis was used in evaluating the secondary data. GDP was used as a proxy to economic growth, while agricultural output and government expenditure on agriculture were used as indicators of government expenditure on agriculture. From the… 

Impact of Government Expenditure on Agricultural Sector and Economic Growth in Pakistan

The basic aim of this study is to examine the impact of Government expenditure on agricultural sector and economic growth in Pakistan over the period 1983-2011 with time series data collected from

Government Expenditure and Economic Growth in Nigeria: A Disaggregated Analysis

The study investigated the effect of government expenditure on economic growth in Nigeria within a period of 33years spanning (1987-2019). Data collected were from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)

Comparison of government expenditure and some representative of agricultural product prices and their impact on agricultural growth of Pakistan

This article mainly aims to investigate the link between government expenditure on agriculture, agriculture product prices and performance of agriculture sector in the economy of Pakistan. Time

Effectiveness of Agriculture Productivity on Inclusive Growth in Nigeria, 1981-2016

This study examines the impact of agriculture on inclusive growth in Nigeria. A time series data covering the period, 1981-2016, sourced from the Central Bank of Nigeria amongst others was utilised

Effect of Economic and Agricultural Diversification on the Economic Growth in Nigeria

The study examines the effect of economic and agricultural diversification on economic growth in Nigeria. The objectives were to determine the effect of government agricultural spending on Nigeria’s

Impact of Government Agricultural Expenditure on Agricultural Productivity in Nigeria

The study examined effect of government agricultural expenditure on agricultural output in Nigeria using time series data from 1981 to 2014. Having analyzed data using unit root test, co-integration

An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Government Spending on Agriculture in Nigeria

This study examined the relationship between government spending and real and nominal agricultural sector activity in Nigeria between 1999 and 2016 using linear regression analysis and found that

The Role of Regional Government Expenditures on Regional Economic Growth in Indonesia

This research aims at empirically proving the composition of local government expenditure (education, health, marine and fisheries, agriculture, and general allocation fund) on economic growth in 18

Impact of Government Agricultural Expenditure on the Growth of the Nigerian Economy

This study examined the impact of government agricultural expenditure on the growth of the Nigerian economy fr om 1960 to 2012 . The study e mployed secondary data and sourced from National Bureau of


  • Abdullahi Sakanko
  • Economics
    International Journal of Economics Development Research (IJEDR)
  • 2020
The weapon of every growing economy can be associated with governance, as good governance put all action and inaction in one basket and make sure that is channel through transparent, effective, and



Microfinance Institutions in Nigeria: Policy, Practice and Potentials

This study examines the outreach performance of microfinance institutions (MFIs) in Nigeria, based on a survey of ten major MFIs. The findings indicate that the operations of MFIs have grown

The Macroeconomic Impact of Ebola Virus Disease (Evd): A Contribution to the Empirics of Growth

The paper addressed the formulation of a macro model to capture the macroeconomic impact of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). Previous studies has adopted various models such as the dynamic computable

A Contribution to the Theory of Economic Growth

I. Introduction, 65. — II. A model of long-run growth, 66. — III. Possible growth patterns, 68. — IV. Examples, 73. — V. Behavior of interest and wage rates, 78. — VI. Extensions, 85. — VII.

The Economy and the State from Pre-Colonia Time to the Present

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An Economic History of West Africa

Government and Economic Growth in the Less Developed Countries: An Empirical Study for 1960-1980

Adam Smith founded modern economics with a powerful argument that free markets are the best route to prosperity and economic growth. His conclusion has been studied and debated by economists ever