Governança turística em destinos brasileiros: comparação entre Armação dos Búzios/RJ, Paraty/RJ e Bonito/MS

  title={Governança tur{\'i}stica em destinos brasileiros: comparaç{\~a}o entre Armaç{\~a}o dos B{\'u}zios/RJ, Paraty/RJ e Bonito/MS},
  author={F{\'a}bia Trentin},
  • Fábia Trentin
  • Published 2016
  • Sociology
  • EnglishThe structure and organization of regionalized tourism brought to the political scene the term governance and with it a new way to lead innovation processes, strengthening and changing of dynamics involving tourism in a particular destination. In this sense, the purpose of this article is to compare the governance and the actor´s networks in destinations such as Armacao dos Buzios, Paraty and Bonito. To this end, qualitative research tools were used, specially semi‑structured interviews… CONTINUE READING

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