Gouy phase-matched angular and radial mode conversion in four-wave mixing

  title={Gouy phase-matched angular and radial mode conversion in four-wave mixing},
  author={R. Offer and Andrew Daffurn and E. Riis and P. Griffin and A. Arnold and S. Franke-Arnold},
  journal={arXiv: Atomic Physics},
We investigate the conversion between transverse mode structures in four-wave mixing in a heated rubidium vapour. While angular momentum conservation in this nonlinear process dictates the selection rules for the angular quantum number, the role of the radial quantum number is more esoteric. We demonstrate experimentally that a clean Laguerre-Gauss mode LG$^\ell_p =$LG$^{0}_{1}$ can be generated by converting LG$^{1}_{0}$ and LG$^{-1}_{0}$ near-infrared pump beams -- but only if the length of… Expand
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