Goursat Flags: Classification of Codimension-One Singularities

  title={Goursat Flags: Classification of Codimension-One Singularities},
  author={Piotr Mormul},
  journal={Journal of Dynamical and Control Systems},
AbstractA distribution D of corank $$r \geqslant 2$$ on a manifold M is Goursat when its Lie square [D, D] is a distribution of constant corank r-1, the Lie square of [D, D] is of constant corank r-2 and so on. Any such D, according to von Weber [21] and E. Cartan [3], behaves in a well-known way at generic points of M: in certain local coordinates it is the chained model (C) given below, a classical object in the control theory. Singularities concealed in Goursat distributions have emerged… CONTINUE READING


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