Gothic Politics: Oshii, War, and Life without Death

  title={Gothic Politics: Oshii, War, and Life without Death},
  author={Tom Looser},
  pages={55 - 73}
Even before the recent Gulf wars brought on talk of a new kind of war without end, war has been a common, even ubiquitous theme in anime and manga. With this perhaps in mind, an interviewer asked an artist involved with the 2005 "Gundam: Generating Futures" exhibition at Tokyo's Mori Art Museum in Ueno Park how the "Gundam generation" could talk about war with "no actual experience of war." The reply was that, simply, "each of us has experienced' virtual war in a variety of ways/'1 It could be… 
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mer of 2001, I immediately thought of the Japanese mecha tradition from Gundam on down to Evangelion. AI is full of images that look like live-action realizations of anime’s ideas—from the setting

The film is based on the novel by the same name; for an English language translation (by Akemi Wegmuller), see Takemoto Novala

  • Kamikaze Girls, subtitled DVD (VIZ Media,
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The Last Vampire; Night of the Beasts, trans

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