Gossypol induces chloride secretion in rat proximal colon.

  title={Gossypol induces chloride secretion in rat proximal colon.},
  author={Gisela Anna Kuhn and Rainer Cermak and Kathrin Minck and Z. Vujicic and Erwin Scharrer},
  journal={European journal of pharmacology},
  volume={457 2-3},
The effect of gossypol on electrolyte transport was investigated in rat colon mounted in Ussing chambers. The addition of gossypol to the mucosal or serosal side led to an increase in mucus secretion, which we did not quantify. Mucosally or serosally added gossypol also induced a rise in short circuit current (I(sc)) and tissue conductance (G(t)). Part of the mucosally added gossypol seemed to be bound to the mucus because the effects on I(sc) and G(t) were smaller when gossypol was added to… CONTINUE READING

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