Gorkov equations for a pseudogapped high-temperature superconductor

  title={Gorkov equations for a pseudogapped high-temperature superconductor},
  author={B. Giovannini and C. Berthod},
  journal={Physical Review B},
A phenomenological theory of superconductivity based on the two-body Cooperon propagator is presented. This theory takes the form of a modified Gorkov equation for the Green's function and allows one to model the effect of local superconducting correlations and long-range phase fluctuations on the spectral properties of high-temperature superconductors, both above and below ${T}_{c}.$ A model is proposed for the Cooperon propagator, which provides a simple physical picture of the pseudogap… Expand

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! . 17 For some recent efforts to separate the effect of phase fluctuations from size fluctuations , see P . Curty and H . Beck
  • Phys . Rev . Lett .
  • 1996