Gorenstein Projective Dimensions of Modules over Minimal Auslander–Gorenstein Algebras

  title={Gorenstein Projective Dimensions of Modules over Minimal Auslander–Gorenstein Algebras},
  author={Shen Li and Ren{\'e} Marczinzik and Shunhua Zhang},
  journal={Algebra Colloquium},
In this article we investigate the relations between the Gorenstein projective dimensions of [Formula: see text]-modules and their socles for [Formula: see text]-minimal Auslander–Gorenstein algebras [Formula: see text]. First we give a description of projective-injective [Formula: see text]-modules in terms of their socles. Then we prove that a [Formula: see text]-module [Formula: see text] has Gorenstein projective dimension at most [Formula: see text] if and only if its socle has Gorenstein… 
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